The Choice is Sympl

Are you living with hypertension? Interested in an easier and better way to manage your treatment?

As a member of bpCareConnect, you will have access to:

  • Through our partner pharmacy you can pay as little as $0
  • Free home delivery of up to four prescription medicines, including Prestalia®
  • Free support services and home-monitoring equipment (if applicable)
  • Access to online support tools to track compliance and treatment progress
  • The opportunity to share information with and receive counsel from your physician online
  • Access to and control of your own prescription records

And, you won’t need to worry about:

  • Making sure you have the right prescription
  • Repeated trips to the pharmacy for refills
  • Tracking your medication history for your next physician visit
  • Whether or not the medication you are taking is controlling your BP

bpCareConnect, powered by DyrctAxess, is available for a fixed monthly membership fee, providing you access to our management system, all for less than a typical co-pay.

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Learn more about bpCareConnect, or enroll now. Your first month of medication is free!

Patient Support Programs

You can pay as little as $0 for your first prescription of Prestalia® and then as low as $20 a month for refills. Learn more.

You can also save $50 on ANY Omron® blood pressure monitor when you fill a Prestalia® prescription. Contact us at or call 888-553-9769 to obtain a voucher.

Patient Support Programs

zero dollar co-pay program save 50 dollars