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The prescription process today is complicated, costly and inefficient. One in every three patients doesn’t even receive their medications.1

Using our secure bpCareConnect, powered by DyrctAxess, all you need to do is select the medications you want delivered directly to your patient’s home. Plus, our patented technology platform will automatically remind patients to take their medications and allow you to track compliance and therapeutic progress in real time.

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Learn how you can eliminate the hassles of paperwork and improve patient care with bpCareConnect. It’s available for your desktop, tablet or mobile phone and can be set up in just a few minutes.

And, you can also fax or email your prescriptions to our Call Center for immediate delivery to your patients.

For every new patient, the first 30 days of medication are free, delivered directly to their home! Register NOW.

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zero dollar co-pay program save 50 dollars

Treating Patients with High Blood Pressure Beyond the Exam Room.